Sunday, April 11, 2010

The past couple of months have been interesting.

Many things have changed, and a lot of them quite drastically. Just yesterday, a plane flying to Smolensk carrying the Polish President, his family, and 90 other top ranking officials in the Polish government crashed and killed everyone on board while heading to a Katyn 70th anniversary memorial service (ironically enough)

We all remember Haiti..

Shit is really going down in southern Russia right now. And it's starting to spread. It's not good.

Health Care Reform (About god damned time).

Here are a couple quotes that have hit me really hard over the past few months.

"You can always tell when the welfare cheques come in. The first place they have me drive them to is the bank, where they get their money. Then they go buy alcohol. Then cigarettes. With whatever money is leftover (sometimes none) they go and buy what groceries they can afford. Then they pick up their kids from school."

"Being half Irish and half Jewish all my life is a curse. I got teased so much for being part Jewish that I turned to drinking in order to cope with my anxiety, and used my Irish blood as an excuse for it. Sometimes I wish I would have a stroke and half of my brain would die - but I don't know which half - the Jewish one, or the Irish one?"

"I've never had anyone tell me that they've done everything they've in life that they've ever wanted to do until I heard it from you/ It scares me that you already know what I'm thinking - nobody has ever been able to figure that out before."

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