Sunday, November 29, 2009

you are my dream

This is our only chance to make it big."- Requiem For A Dream

Chances are you may recall the film from which the above line is taken. After all, it shook fear throughout an entire generation while propelling it's cast to world-wide fame. One in particular, who has starred in many (of my favourite) movies such as Fight Club, The Thin Red Line, Girl Interrupted, American Psycho, Panic Room, and of course, Lord Of War.

Back in 2007, he even gained approx 65 pounds by consuming pints of melted ice cream mixed with soy sauce and olive oil daily in order to play the role of Mark David Chapman in the film Chapter 27. His weight gain was so rapid that at times he was confined to a wheelchair in order to let his body cope with the stress.

Jared Leto is his name, and taking Hollywood by quiet storm is most certainly his game.

Oh, and as if that wasn't already enough, Jared, along with his brother Shannon and good friend Tomo Milicevic happen to be members of a little band called 30 Seconds To Mars (former bassist Matt Wachter left the band in 2007 to replace Ryan Sinn as the bassist for Angels & Airwaves).

Since their self-titled debut release in 2002, the band has managed to produce two more albums; 2005's A Beautiful Lie, and their latest release, This Is War, which will first hit shelves in Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland on December 4th of this year. The album will be available for purchase in stores in North America as well as on iTunes on December 8th (one week this Tuesday).

If the first single Kings and Queens isn't convincing enough already, surely a quick glance over their two previous albums will get your attention.

(Seriously though, it's that good.)



Oh, and apparently he's really good looking?

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